Partial Amortisation

Would you like to get your business started with state-of-the-art equipment from the get-go and pay leasing rates that are as low as possible? With Partial Amortisation, you can do just that.

Enjoy affordable leasing now and buy later

Partial Amortisation lets you use cutting-edge office communications, state-of-the-art equipment and systems right away – without having to wrestle with high investment costs. You agree the basic lease term and the option to purchase price (residual value payment) with GRENKE – and you can start enjoying very low monthly leasing rates straight away.


24, 36 or 48 months – or something else entirely? The choice is yours.

Easy to plan

Fixed monthly instalments – affordable and easy to plan.


GRENKE leasing made to measure with our personal consulting services.


Signing the contract is easy with eSignature.

Enjoy low leasing rates

In contrast to Full Amortisation, Partial Amortisation lets you agree a binding option to purchase price (residual value payment) once the basic lease term ends. This allows you to keep your monthly leasing rates very low.

If GRENKE decides to exercise the option to purchase once the basic lease term ends, you pay the agreed residual value payment and become the owner of your leasing asset.

Leasing or rental – you can do it all with GRENKE

Partial Amortisation gives you leasing at highly affordable rates. Would you like greater flexibility at the end of the contract? Or for maintenance to be included? We can offer you both!

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Classic Lease (Full Amortisation)

Partial Amortisation

Consistent instalments
Purchase available at end of term
Residual value obligation
Exchange option

Would you prefer to go classic?

With Classic Lease, you can keep all your options open.

Classic Lease (Full Amortisation)

If you are looking for as much freedom of choice as possible at the end of the basic lease term, then Classic Lease is the ideal solution for you.

Have you got big plans? We’re there to help you!

GRENKE leasing is even more productive with master agreements

Do you need leasing on a regular basis? Choose a GRENKE master agreement and enjoy preferential terms.

Signing contracts digitally with eSignature

Secure, mobile and legally watertight

All you need to sign your GRENKE leasing contract is a tablet, smartphone or PC and internet access. With eSignature from GRENKE, you can sign your documents digitally. This will save you valuable time that you can devote to your ideas and your customers.

Can things get any more convenient? Of course they can!

We are happy to think outside the box to help you succeed. That yields a practical solution that makes it even easier for you to use state-of-the-art office communications.

Bill & Collect

Leasing (or rental) plus service – Bill & Collect makes it possible. Simply arrange it together with your leasing or rental contract and it will all be sorted.

GRENKE: experience builds trust

We are passionate about helping people who want to get things done. GRENKE is a versatile facilitator for small and medium-sized companies in particular. Our experience is there to back you up.

The leasing partner for SMEs

GRENKE gives you the freedom you need to unleash your entrepreneurial spirit. It’s all tailor-made and on favourable terms.


  • You can choose affordable leasing instalments instead of high procurement costs
  • You retain the ability to plan confidently
  • You stay flexible

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