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Print Plan

Do you like to have certain things on paper? We have just the right financing for you: Print Plan. For your printers, copiers and combined devices.

The rental contract for assets with a counting mechanism

Print Plan is the ideal contract for copiers and printers. See the benefits it offers here:


The rental includes service costs and a number of free prints, copies and scans.


You will receive regular maintenance services and deliveries of paper and toner.


You determine the basic rental term and what’s included.


Signing the contract is easy with eSignature.

A rental contract for all printing devices

You don’t need complete equipment packages, just printers and copiers. Our Print Plan is exactly what you need. We have developed this type of rental specifically for this purpose.

Your consumption counts

If the asset has a counting mechanism, you can see how much you’re printing. A fixed number of prints/copies/scans are already included in your plan. If you use more, every additional page will be invoiced separately.

As easy as clicking ‘print’

Here’s an overview of what’s included in our Print Plan.

You decide what’s included. One fixed monthly instalment covers financing and any agreed services. This includes regular updates, device inspections and device maintenance. This means there is nothing more for you to worry about.

Is rental right for you?

Rent or lease – we give you both options. It all depends on your preferences. Here’s a comparison between Print Plan and Classic Lease.

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Print Plan

Classic Lease

Related to a type of asset
Consumption-based costs
Service costs included
Always the latest equipment

GRENKE: experience builds trust

You put ideas into practice. We help you to do it – and have been for decades. Entrepreneurs from a wide range of industries trust our experience. Why not place your trust in us too.

Focus on the work of medium-sized enterprises

We understand the workings and processes of medium-sized enterprises. Printers and copiers are an important element. We have tailored our rental solution to the requirements of small and medium-sized entrepreneurs.

Printing is not the only thing you can do from your desk


We can now offer you a convenient way of concluding the rental contract digitally with eSignature. Watch our video to learn how it works.

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